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Brands always win

Branding is not about names, logos, or even marketing. And it’s certainly not about being the fastest, lightest, thinnest, etc. At least not for long. It’s about reputation. Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products by conveying a uniform quality and credibility. Brands are the sum total of our customer’s experience with our company – its people, products, and services. If this experience is rich and meaningful, it can break through people’s walls of indifference and result in a level of customer loyalty that can transcend the nuts and bolts of how we usually define product quality. If it’s not, then even a superior product may fail to find an audience. Brands are valuable. Many companies put the value of their brand on their balance sheet. And they are more important now than at any time in the past hundred years. The world has come online and there are many new markets – making recognized brands a reliable currency in a world where there are fewer barriers to marketing and distribution. How we market and protect our brands has become even more vital.

Marketing should communicate to the whole brain

Everyone knows that people make rational decisions with the left side of their brain and emotional decisions with their right. Successful brands know how to influence the whole brain. Whole Brain Branding is a philosophy and methodology that focuses on the manner by which consumers actually receive marketing messages. While our analytical left-brain logically evaluates purchases, it is our intuitive right-brain that becomes enamored by brands – often affixing intangible values to products or companies when there are no logical differences for the left-brain to discern. Therefore, while we must provide left-brains with reasons to buy; we must also make right-brains fall in love with our brands. At Rose, we use Whole Brain Branding to infuse brand stories with a balance of emotion and rational persuasion.