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A Case For Face-To-Face

Thanks to the proliferation of new media and online social engagement it has become easier and more cost effective to reach consumers. But, at the same time, it has become more difficult to connect with them. For all the new opportunities to communicate, it is actually becoming harder for brands to be seen and heard.
With so many companies interacting with its customers via social media, the competition for share of mind can become daunting.
The great promise of social media is the opportunity to engage with more consumers one-to-one. But as brands achieve scale in their social media initiatives, this promise becomes more and more elusive. The increasing focus on quantity vs quality of followers can leave the most loyal fans feeling marginalized and under-appreciated.

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Is Advertising Dead?

Of course not.
Advertising is the process of acquiring an opportunity in a public medium to persuade someone to watch/listen/read what you have to say about your company, brand or product.
The choice of medium may evolve and change; the form and substance of the messages may change. But the process for marketers remains the same.
We still begin by arriving at an intimate understanding of the product and the customer, followed by the hunt for a creative solution that will compel affinity or purchase.

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