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What’s Your Brandstory?

Everyone loves a good story. The art of storytelling is older than fire and one of the earliest and most vital forms of communication. It has been used to record history, relate personal experiences, convey wisdom, spread beliefs, entertain, honor supernatural forces and generally make sense of the world.

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Reward Promotions Drive Sales and Protect Brands in a Recession

(from my article which appeared in the Moscow Times)

It is painfully obvious that during economic downturns spending patterns can shift dramatically. Consumers generally eat at restaurants less often, make fewer shopping trips, buy less expensive brands and defer big-ticket purchases.
Unfortunately, many businesses respond to this slump by slashing marketing budgets and discounting their prices -- which in turn produces less profit and forces further cuts in marketing spend. If this cycle isn't broken, the business may be left with a wounded brand when the market rebounds.
It doesn't have to be this way.

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