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Why Social Networking Will Knock Your Business on Its Head

Yesterday, I wrote an article in The Moscow Times entitled: Why Social Networking Will Knock Your Business On Its Head. In the article I commented about how astounding I find it that social networks are abuzz with chatter about a rumored new Apple touchpad computer (iPad perhaps?) -- going so far as to describe the phantom device in great detail; critique its operating system and anticipated applications; even posting computer-generated hardware designs. I rambled on about the 'tail wagging the dog' phenomena of the world creating a product, a new brand, in fact a whole new market category and now expects Apple to do its bidding.

Imagine a world where your customers are virtually developing and prototyping your products and services or predicting how successful your business may be versus your competitors in a market you may not yet have contemplated. This is big stuff. Social networking will change business forever.

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