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Events are vital in creating a complete brand experience during a recession
(Part 2 of 4)

Use online events to enhance the live experience during a recession.

Technology has certainly made it possible to provide a more interactive experience for your brand. Digital events are much less expensive to produce, provide an opportunity for easy measurement and attendee tracking and they tackle the travel problem. However, virtual conferences, online workshops and webinars should be used to supplement but not replace live events. They can be used to stretch your event budget and, ideally, they can promote your live event more effectively and extend the overall experience to the period before, during and after your event. In fact, 32 percent of respondents in the previously mentioned “EventView” study say they will transition from event marketing to experience marketing (integrated live and online experiences that drive deep-brand interaction through highly relevant storytelling and brand immersion) in the next 12 months—28 percent say they have already transitioned.

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