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Great marketing tells the truth

Of course, it’s obvious that brands should never lie or fabricate. But truth in marketing goes way beyond laws and ethics. And not just because it's the right thing to do. But because honesty makes for more effective marketing. Brands that are truthful have an edge over those that engage in false messaging (about our brand or a competitor). So avoid the chest-beating, boastful or misleading communications. Great marketers have unwavering integrity. Of course, it’s expected that we take great pride in our brand and present it in only the most positive light. But it's a rare brand that will literally change people’s lives. So we should be mindful that we don't cross the line and, at best over-promise, at worst downright lie. Basically, if we can't present our brand accolades with a straight face, we should not use them in marketing. Let’s just figure out what makes our brand awesome and focus on storytelling that lets the whole world know about it.