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Beware of Marketing Zombies

Marketing Zombies aren’t like Hollywood zombies. Their bodies aren’t dead… only their imaginations. They’re not the “un-dead”; they’re the “un-creative”. We see them all around us. And they will suck the creative juices out of us if we let them. If we surround ourselves with “un-creatives”, we ourselves may become less creative. Creativity inspires creativity. To be great marketers, we must seek out other creative people and find inspirations whenever and wherever possible. Check out the Society Against Marketing Zombies ( for a tongue-in-cheek yet insightful perspective. Fear the unimaginative!

A great idea should make our palms sweat

In marketing, as in life, there is rarely great reward without risk. Certainly, risks to our brands should be measured and prudently reduced. But watering down great thinking in order to play it safe is no way to win big. Like baseball players, we have to be prepared to swing mightily and miss if we want any chance to hit the ball out of the park. If we’re not at least a little bit anxious, we’re probably not trying hard enough and our idea is probably not the best it can be. Great marketers are always prepared to reach beyond their comfort zones. Of course, great marketing doesn't always mean we have to swing for the fences. But sometimes we should go big or go home.