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Deadlines are our friend

In our business, we say great marketing is never finished; the deadline simply arrives. A deadline should be reasonable to the task and mutually agreed by all parties. But often the pressure of a short deadline can be useful in focusing our efforts and arriving at unique solutions. Conversely, without an imminent deadline, we may succumb to human nature and procrastinate, which is also anathema to creating great marketing. And “ASAP” is never an acceptable deadline since it neither creates a finite end date or an equitable period to accomplish the task successfully. The most important thing is to make the most of the time we have. Start the assignment early to squeeze as much into the process as possible and finish early to allow time for review and refinement.

Great marketing comes from a great Brief

Too often, we rush to create a campaign or program before fleshing out all the requirements needed to be successful. If we want a great result, we need to invest in the time it takes to create a great summary, a “brief”, of the necessary knowledge and insight needed to tackle the assignment. One hour of proper planning can prevent countless hours of wasted creativity that does not meet our objectives. This applies to projects big and small. A common mistake is to skirt this procedure when time is short or when the assignment appears simple. But that’s often when the brief is most needed.

Learn the right way to brainstorm

Gathering the team together on the spur of the moment to brainstorm rarely works. Instead, everyone should be briefed in advance with all the details of the challenge or assignment and arrive at the session with at least one workable, fleshed-out idea that meets the stated objectives. Everyone should then work together to make each idea better before settling on the final solution(s). At Rose, our teams assemble every week where every staffer must pitch at least one idea he or she believes will benefit our clients. The result is hundreds of additional innovative ideas each year.