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We are not the customer

We are not the audience for our marketing – even if we happen to fall inside the target demographic. Neither are our colleagues. That goes double for husbands, wives, friends and family. No one cares if our marketing appeals to our business or social circle. All that matters is the opinion of the customers we hope to engage, since they’re the ones who will provide revenue and momentum to our business. Our job is to create a fluid system of soliciting and processing feedback from customers on a consistent, ongoing basis. This has never been easier to accomplish than now in our networked society. But even with all the new ways we can engage with our customers directly, we shouldn't alter the course of our marketing in response to every opinion… only to significant emerging dominant patterns or directions.

Maybe They’re right

Bill Bernbach, the highly opinionated CEO and founder of advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach purportedly kept a slip of paper in his pocket that read: “Maybe he’s right.” This was a reminder that no matter how much we think we know or how convinced we are that our idea is best, we should always stop and reflect on other people’s opinions. Maybe they’re not right. But just maybe our idea could be better. We should never forget that marketing is a collaborative process. This doesn’t mean we should always be filled with self-doubt about our ideas. Ultimately, we have to have the confidence know when the job is done and to put our ideas out there. But we should be open to input from others.