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A great idea can be communicated in 140 characters or less

Physical limitations are not creative limitations. Want to write a hit pop song that will get played on the radio? Better keep it under four minutes…probably closer to three. Want to write a box office smash screenplay? The boy had better kiss the girl by page 110. Shakespeare created his own constraints by writing in iambic pentameter. Many people believe that to be creative we must always be “breaking rules”, “thinking outside of the box”, “coloring outside the lines”. However, professional marketers embrace the constraints imposed upon them and still create great work.

Great marketing happens when client and agency have mutual respect for each other

In our experience, the best client agency relationships, the ones that produce the most awesome results, have nothing to do with the product or the size of the budget. The best marketing springs from the best client/agency relationships. In fact, a small client that is supportive and treats the agency fairly will often receive more than its share of attention versus bigger, bullying clients paying bigger fees. And conversely, bigger fees are not enough to inspire creativity if the agency is being mistreated. If we become a great marketing partner we will get the great partner we deserve.