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Remember the Call Girl Principle

According to the Call Girl Principle: the value of a service is always greater before it is received than after. Often the desire to own a brand is immediately followed by malaise once we have obtained it. It’s often called “buyer’s remorse”, an anxiety that occurs in customers when they grow concerned that they may have made the wrong decision or feel that they have been unfairly influenced by the seller. That’s why marketing does not stop after the sale. We can’t just aim our marketing at new customers. We also have to also use marketing to help our customers reaffirm their purchase and continue to engage with the brand if we want to retain them. Keeping customers is more valuable and more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

Great marketing requires a sense of urgency

We should never wield deadlines like a weapon. If we expect our people and our partners to meet difficult deadlines to complete a project, it is poor etiquette to take an unreasonable time to respond and/or approve the project. Of course, internal procedures are sometimes beyond everyone’s control. But there’s no excuse for not offering some form of immediate feedback (less than 24 hours) to those who were asked to meet a difficult deadline. There is nothing more soul-crushing than pouring one’s heart into an idea, submit it with hope and enthusiasm, and then wait for days or weeks for a decision-maker to acknowledge that it has been reviewed with the same care that went into its creation. Even a simple thank you goes a long way. Be inspirational. Be fair. The marketing will be much better as a result.