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Everything isn't a press release

“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news,” said journalist Charles Anderson Dana. All too many brands believe that every move they make is cause for media celebration. But if its not a compelling story that an audience wants to read, hear or watch, it’s not going to appear in media no matter how much we may wish it to. Unless, of course, we pay for it. But that’s advertising. Public relations is about crafting great stories and finding the best conduit to carry that story to an audience. Done well, it can be a powerful component of the marketing mix. But we have to understand its strengths and limitations. And we have to understand that the media always have the last word.

Marketing isn't always a pitch

To build a successful brand we have to know when not to sell. There’s a reason why there is a division between the marketing and sales departments in many great brand organizations. Marketing defines the brand, builds desire and reinforces the purchase decision; sales interacts with customers and drives the transaction. With the advent of social media, the line between marketing and sales (and customer service) have become even more blurred. We should enter social media networks to build relationships and interact with our audiences and resist placing promotional messages that intrude, annoy, and harm more than they help our business and brand. We have to stop selling and start giving our customers more reasons to buy.