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Everything is marketing

This has never been more true than today. Now that we live in a networked society, marketing no longer lives in its own silo. Like it or not, marketing must now be incorporated into every touch point. Our customers demand it. That means our organizations must live and breathe marketing – from the “C” suite to the factory floor. Our marketing chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. And this presents an opportunity to further differentiate our brands by our ability to integrate marketing into the DNA of our companies. Not only is everything marketing, but there is also no longer any beginning or end to marketing. Forget campaigns. Marketing is always on.

Great marketers are always prepared

We painstakingly practice and rehearse for meetings and presentations. We leave little to chance. We sweat the details. We review our media training before every interview. We study the facts, read all the research and intimately know our product and customer better than anyone. We can fluently articulate our key brand messages and product attributes. Our attention to detail enhances the great ideas we present and the marketing programs we produce. After all, if we don't know how to market ourselves and our ideas professionally, how can we market our brands?