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Events are vital in creating a complete brand experience during a recession
(Part 3 of 4)

Attendees need more justification to attend events during a recession.

It is very important to continue to emphasize the value in getting people together. Demonstrating the long-term, intangible benefits of an event is very important, and it is the event organizer’s responsibility to provide potential attendees with the tools to enable them to explain the benefits to the people who approve their attendance.

Begin marketing your event online as early as possible. Post the dates of the events on your website and in all communication, including as signatures at the bottom of all company emails. Ask thought leaders and speakers who will be giving presentations at the event to help spread the word in advance by connecting directly to attendees to give a preview of the types of useful information they will be providing those who join the event. Offer rewards for early registration or for special customers who attend multiple events.

Lifestyle and entertainment magazine “Afisha” runs an annual picnic event to increase the loyalty of its readers, as well as to attract new readers. During the event, they bring their brand to life by presenting each magazine section live along with readers, advertisers, celebrities, and a day of fun, food, music and entertainment – everything that the magazine represents. They promote the event extensively in their magazine and web site, as well as inviting their partners, clients and VIPs.