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Marketing During A Recession - Opportunity No. 2

OPPORTUNITY NO. 2: MANY COMPANIES WILL TAKE A WAIT AND SEE ATTITUDE DURING A RECESSION. They will freeze or cut marketing budgets until they have a clearer picture of what lies ahead. This will have the knock on effect of lower media costs. The smart companies will become more aggressive while their competitors have their heads in the sand and they can get more for their marketing spend. Now is the time to be creative and get some attention for your company and brand.

Establish yourself as a leader by staying visible through media & promotion and reinforcing your reputation via public relations. Show the world you have a resilient brand and a plan for a sustainable future. Experience shows that market share gained during a recession will return dividends when the economy rebounds. WimmBillDann continued to promote and expand aggressively during the last crisis – filling a vacuum left by international competitors who were still licking their wounds. Today they are the leading Russian producer of dairy and beverage products. Saint Springs is another example of a company that continued to expand its marketing programs while the market was still contracting. It grew to become the leader in the bottled water segment and was acquired by Nestle Waters to sit along side its Perrier, Vittel and San Pellegrino brands.