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Mining For Search Marketing Gold

If your company does keyword search via Google or Yandex, you probably have come to understand that it is more complex than it may initially have appeared. Finding the right words and phrases to drive customers to your website is a lot like mining for gold. You gotta dig.

1. Learn how customers search

There are plenty of obvious words and phrases for every business. But don't stop there. Study the analytics to see which keywords bring customers to your site. And try other research methods, like asking your customers how they search or conducting an online poll that asks visitors to type the name of products they like. Their answers may surprise you and you may identify words that you may never have considered. Remember that every market and every language has its own peculiarities. Words and phrases used in one country may not directly translate to another. Common keywords used in the USA can often be entirely different in Russia, for example.

2. Focus on phrases

Internet users are getting more and more sophisticated in the way they search every day. They are learning that the more precise their search, the more relevant will be their results. It’s the difference between: “Hotels in Paris” and “Hotels in Paris near Avenue des Champs-Elysees” and “Hotels in Paris near Avenue des Champs-Elysees with spa”. Users are finding ways of honing their results. This is an evolving process, so you must revisit even your most successful keywords and phrases periodically.

3. Keep adding words

Choosing and bidding only for the most popular keywords means you will be battling the competition head-on. Your competitors know the same words and you will be in a daily bidding war for them. And this competition is likely to grow. Instead, always be on the lookout for keywords with less competition and more attractive terms. Rather than seeking a few words with a lot of clicks, try also adopting a strategy of lots of words and phrases. They each may not attract as many clicks, but they can be very effective in the aggregate. It just takes time and patience…time and patience your competitors may not employ.

Remember that the right mix isn’t always obvious and every business has its own nuances. Just keep digging and you are bound to find a few shiny nuggets.