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The Top Nine Social Media Marketing Myths | Myth No. 3: You can run social media marketing entirely in-house

It is a rare in-house team that has extensive marketing experience with top professional writers and communicators onboard who can: create content; monitor and measure social media input/outputs; conceive and execute social media campaigns; as well as drive traffic using e-mail, SMS, search optimization, blogger outreach, desktop and mobile applications, digital advertising, Google ads, and more. Not to mention the constant learning required just to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape and increasing specialization.

To have all this talent on staff and keep within a practical budget would be quite a challenge. And if you could assemble such a team, what would happen to your social media program if one or more of them quit? A combination of a small in-house staff that works closely with an experienced and reliable marketing agency is your best bet to maintain continuity and keep ahead of the competition. The agency can also provide a bit of perspective gained from serving other clients that an in-house team may lack.