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What is your company’s reputation worth?

Is Social Media The New Public Relations? Many aspects of social media applied to business are really an extension of the public relations process. Microblogging (like Twitter) is a combination of news blurbs and story pitching; press releases appear on, and feature links to, social media sites; webcasting and video sites (like YouTube) are replacing press conferences; blogging has replaced newsletters and corporate magazines; communicating with other bloggers is more and more like media relations with mainstream media, etc.

This begs the question: who should be running your company’s social media program? I’d say if you wouldn’t trust someone to write your most important corporate press release or communicate with your investors, or moderate a press conference or speak to the most influential journalist in your market or industry, you probably shouldn’t trust them with your posts to Twitter, Facebook or Live Journal either. After all, what is your company’s reputation worth?