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What’s Your Brandstory?

Everyone loves a good story. The art of storytelling is older than fire and one of the earliest and most vital forms of communication. It has been used to record history, relate personal experiences, convey wisdom, spread beliefs, entertain, honor supernatural forces and generally make sense of the world.

We tell stories everyday. In our personal lives we use stories to enlighten, inform and entertain friends and family. In business, we use stories to train employees, notify superiors, seek permission, sell customers and explain complicated concepts.

And, of course, storytelling is at the root of all effective business communications. A press release, advertisement or website is simply a vehicle to convey a story – much like a book, movie or television show. A powerful story told in a compelling manner is what fuels the world’s most successful brands.

Your company or brand may have a "history". But does it have a "brandstory" -- a compelling story that conveys meaning and relevance to your product or service? Does it continually find new and innovative ways to consistently communicate this brandstory?

Watch this space for more about brandstories and how to use them.