Brand stories
Understated Elegance
After nearly three decades of service to some of the world’s biggest brands, we have many great stories to tell. Here are just a few.

A luxury brand emerges from the sea

Founded by Giovanni Panerai (1825–1897) in Florence, Italy in 1860, Officine Panerai Marketing e Communicazioni Srl, a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A., designs, manufactures, markets and sells watches through authorized dealers and company-owned boutiques worldwide. Officine Panerai maintains its headquarters in Florence but manufactures watches in Switzerland. Notable products include the Luminor and Radiomir wristwatches.

Panerai watches played a role in assisting the frogmen of the Italian Navy in their operations during World War II. Today the watches may be seen on the famous wrists of Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Bill Clinton, Sylvester Stallone, and countless others.

The short story

Brand: Richemont Group: Panerai (client since 2005)

Situation: Panerai who?

Objective: Introduce a luxury brand of truly unique character

Strategy: Build a base of passionate fans

Results: Panerai is a brand for sophisticated people “in the know”

Panerai who?

When Richemont engaged Rose in 2007, Panerai was a virtually unknown brand in Russia. Frankly, there was a concern that Russians, famous for their passion for ostentatious luxury brands, may not appreciate the understated elegance of the Panerai line of watches or its nautical heritage.

Rose demonstrated that a new breed of Russian luxury consumers was emerging – one with the same high disposable income, but more worldly and more discerning in their purchase decisions, and with a growing appreciation for uniquely authentic brands.

Introduce a luxury brand of truly unique character

Our objective was to introduce and build recognition for Panerai as a brand with a truly unique character, style and tradition – one with a distinctive nautical pedigree.

Build a base of passionate fans

Our approach was to engage life-style, business and specialized media media to not only publicize the brand, but to make them Panerai fans…to encourage them to take an active interest in the brand and, ultimately, write about it passionately.

We have used every opportunity to link the Panerai brand with luxury and an active lifestyle and to allow journalists to experience the brand first-hand – including media trips to Panaerai manufacturing facilities, Panerai boutiques, luxury receptions and international events. In particular, we have used Panerai’s sponsorship of the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge to bond with writers, editors and television producers by bringing them in small groups to regattas in Italy and France each summer.

Panerai is a brand for sophisticated people “in the know”

Panerai has become a highly desirable luxury brand for those consumers who want to be “in the know”. By 2010, a strong base of loyal consumers justified the opening of a brand boutique store in Moscow. Publicity efforts have resulted in more than 250 media impressions each year. Publicity highlights include in-depth interviews and brand stories in leading business and luxury life style media: Forbes Style, GQ, Esquire, Aeroflot Premium, InStyle, Kommersant Style, Vedomosti, RBC daily, Revolution Magazine as well as a feature on national TV Russia 24.

Consumers now THINK of Panerai as a luxury high-quality Italian watch brand for those “in the know” and FEEL that Panerai is a symbol of their unique and sophisticated sense of style.