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but when a man bites a dog that is news.
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New News

31 August 2017

Tunisia Launches Interactive Digital Virtual "Travel Bubble" Campaign In Russia

Innovative "Inspiring Tunisia" web app allows users to create customized travel experiences based on age, sex, companions and personal travel preferences.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to travel, the National Office of Tunisian Tourism (ONTT) has launched a new web application that allows users to visualize their vacation before they ever get on a plane.

Visitors to inspiringtunisia.ru simply enter their preferences and click. The app then springs into action.

Rather than the usual impersonal travel photos, inspiringtunisia.ru utilizes hundreds of “Point-of-View” (POV) or selfie-style video bubble combinations – to help potential visitors to visualize themselves enjoying a Tunisian vacation that is tailored to suit their personal travel preferences and lifestyle. Users of the app can choose to see what a Tunisian holiday might be like when traveling on their own or with their partner, family or friends, using any PC, tablet or mobile smartphone. And by choosing from among a variety of activities and preferences — from relaxing to extreme — the app will serve up video bubbles of what their personal experience might be like.

 "This is an exciting new departure for our travel campaign in Russia. It is an entirely modern and fresh approach to introduce Russians to our country that presents the virtues of Tunisia in a way that is simply not possible using conventional advertising," said Mejid Kahlaoui, the representative of the ONTT. [Bubble Images, website, banners, etc. with caption: "Simply enter your preferences and see your personalized Tunisian travel experience served up with POV video bubbles."

 Depending if you are a man or a woman, young or old, the video bubbles will morph into combinations tailored just for you. For example, if you are a young woman traveling with your husband or boyfriend, the video bubbles will show you what a romantic Tunisian travel experience might be like with just you and your significant other. If, on the other hand, you are a father traveling with your family, you will see an experience of you, your wife and children on a family-friendly vacation. Singles will be served a fun-loving Tunisian adventure filled with happening nightlife or active sporting activities -- all depending on the selections made in an easy to use dashboard. Users can return to the app as often as they like, change or save their preferences and share them with travel companions. Upon request, custom travel itineraries will be sent to the user's email address along with special travel offers. 

Inspiringtunisia.ru is being promoted via digital outdoor posters and banners on websites like afisha.ru, tourister.ru, woman.ru, wmj.ru, tvzavr.ru and others. "In the highly competitive travel marketing arena, we knew we needed to depart from the typical tourism campaign and create a highly personalized experience that showcases all that Tunisia has to offer," said Galina Savina, General director of Rose, the marketing agency that represents the ONTT in Russia and invented the interactive initiative to promote Tunisian travel. "As far as we know, this is the first application of its kind in the travel space."

Old news

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24 April 2020

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18 February 2020

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14 December 2018

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20 September 2018

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16 August 2018


6 April 2018

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12 March 2018

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31 August 2017

Tunisia Launches Interactive Digital Virtual "Travel Bubble" Campaign In Russia

3 July 2017

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20 February 2017

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23 September 2016

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8 September 2016

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1 July 2016

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26 May 2016

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25 April 2016

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29 February 2016

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18 December 2015

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2 November 2015

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28 October 2015

ROSE Welcomes Malaysian Minister Of Tourism and Culture To Moscow For “Days Of Malaysia”

7 October 2015

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26 June 2015

Rose and Samsung Launched «LivePages» Mobile App

26 May 2015

Rose and TEEKANNE to promote tea with a German attitude

15 May 2015

Rose and Samsung present the premium line-up of curved SUHD Televisions

24 April 2015

Rose and Samsung bring Russia’s famed “Yasnaya Polyana” Leo Tolstoy Literary Awards to the rest of the world

3 April 2015

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18 March 2015

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24 November 2014

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28 October 2014

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22 October 2014

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26 April 2014

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24 March 2014

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20 March 2014

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3 February 2014

Rose Promotes “Visit Malaysia 2014” Program in Media Across Russia and CIS

26 December 2013

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3 June 2013

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13 May 2013

Rose Wins Starbucks Marketing Account

6 May 2013

Rose Agency Supports Tourism Malaysia During KITF 2013 Trade Show

5 April 2013

Rose Wins Fazer Digital Marketing Account

6 March 2013

Rose Brings Trendsetters To Damiani Boutique Opening in Moscow

20 February 2013

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14 February 2013

Rose Supports Irdeto at CSTB Exhibition

10 November 2012

Rose Brings Press to Malaysia

20 July 2012

Rose Wins Radius Group

20 May 2012

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21 September 2011

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15 August 2011

Rose Wins Junior Hockey League

12 August 2011

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9 September 2010

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11 June 2010

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2 April 2010

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2 April 2010

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24 March 2010

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23 March 2010

One Year in Cinema – With Gilette

23 March 2010

Rose Announces Survey Results on the Role of Social Networks

2 March 2010

Rose/TLC Creates Rolsen Promotion

2 March 2010

Rose Launches Cinema Promotion For Rolsen

10 February 2010

Rose Will Promote the Unique Watch Brand Richard Mille in Russia

27 January 2010

Rose and Samsung Present New Refrigerators in a Cool Venue

24 November 2009

Rose and Panerai Master the Fleet

19 October 2009

Rose Communicates Ultrathin Approach, Weighty Result for Samsung

19 October 2009

Rose and Panerai Unveil Galileo Exhibition

5 October 2009

Rose General Director, Galina Savina, one of Kommersant's "1000 Most Professional Russian Managers"

22 September 2009

Rose Escorts Russian Journalists to Panarai Regatta in Sardinia

21 September 2009

Rose Holds Online Conference

8 September 2009

Sony, Intel and TLC Marketing bring luck

19 August 2009

Sony, Intel and TLC Marketing bring luck

27 July 2009

Rose Brings Media to New Samsung Factory in Kaluga

15 July 2009

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3 July 2009

Rose Helps PANERAI Kick-off Summer with Summer Fair

29 June 2009

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5 June 2009

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29 May 2009

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25 May 2009

Rose Shares Its Experience In Luxury Products Marketing

7 May 2009

Rose Runs Mediterranean Press Tour For Tunisia

22 April 2009

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13 March 2009

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3 March 2009

Rose Continues Cooperation With The Tunisia Tourism Bureau