Brands are the new heroes. And we all want to meet our heroes.
– John Rose
Experiences & Events

We’re Eventful

Consumers respond best to brands that arouse their senses, touch their hearts, and stimulate their minds. Marketing can accomplish this in a variety of ways. But there will never be a substitute for live interaction. It is like the difference between hearing the song on the radio and seeing the band perform live from backstage. All successful brands know that they should create events and experiences where their customers have an opportunity to see all the benefits of the product or services.

The smartest companies are the ones who use online technology, digital and social media in conjunction with live interactions and events to complement and enhance their brand identity. These companies have the invaluable opportunity to create branded experiences and environments that we simply cannot reproduce online or through the pages in a magazine or in front of a television screen.

Rose has over 20 years experience developing experiences and events for its clients and offers a full range of services from concept to applause.

"Rose is one of few agencies, which is extremely pro-active in their approach in addition to their in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical market. They come up with strategic and tactics solutions before we ask them, and sometime before the situation calls for them."
— Oxana Poznyakova, Senior Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline


Thanks to the proliferation of new media and online social engage-ment it has become easier and more cost effective to reach consumers. But, at the same time, it has become more difficult to connect with them. For all the new opportunities to communicate, it is actually becoming harder for brands to be seen and heard.


When it comes to pricing products and services I have always held to the tenet that, whenever possible, it is preferable to give the customer something more for free, than to charge him less. I espouse this strategy because no matter how much companies try to justify it


Of course not. Advertising is the process of acquiring an opportunity in a public medium to persuade someone to watch/listen/read what you have to say about your company, brand or product. The choice of medium may evolve and change; the form and substance


We have referred to ourselves as professional storytellers for many years.  Now, inspired by the impact of social media, it seems that every brand wants to be a story-teller.  This just highlights the emergence of public relations from supporting role to featured player


Much has been written about the power of social media and how it is a game-changer for business-es.  However, the speed at which social media has evolved has resulted in little proper training and much misunderstanding.  Over the next several weeks I'll be


Investor Relations should ideally begin years before a company registers to float its shares on a domestic or international stock exchange.  Unfortunately, companies often make little to no investment in investor relations until just before or perhaps even after the IPO - sometimes ignoring shareholders, hiding from bankers

Experiences & Events Services:

  • Creative & Strategic Event Planning & Management
  • Development & Production
  • Event Concept & Theme Development
  • General Session Management
  • Graphics & Speaker Support
  • Media Events
  • On-Site Registration Staffing
  • Outside Speaker Selection
  • Product Launches
  • Road Shows
  • Speech Writing & Coaching
  • Staging Design & Venue Selection